CELPIP Standard Package


1 quality book of CELPIP + 2 sets of CELPIP test questions + comments from famous CELPIP teachers

This course package includes 1 high-quality CELPIP e-book, 2 sets of CELPIP test practice questions (including all 4 parts of listening, reading, writing and speaking), and enjoy personalized feedback from CELPIP experts within 7 days after purchase.

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Our eBooks and practice tests are written by our team of CELPIP experts and reflect current testing trends and topics. This package includes 1 eBook of your choice and marks for practice tests. These practice tests cover all four sections of the CELPIP exam: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.


Students who prefer to teach themselves CELPIP at their own pace will benefit most from this package. Use our CELPIP book as a personal reference, and feedback on your responses, to develop your own skills. The package also includes personalized feedback on writing and speaking responses from one of our CELPIP expert tutors. Please see terms and conditions below.

terms and Conditions:

  1. After purchasing this pack, you will have 30 days to take the mock test.
  2. Package includes personalized feedback on 1 writing task and 8 speaking tasks.
  3. To receive feedback, you must submit your response to amber@celpiptestprep.com within the first 7 days .
  4. All materials purchased are the property of CELPIPTestPrep.com. Accordingly, you have no right to copy, reproduce or sell any of our materials.1 EBOOK + 2 PRACTICE TESTS + MARKINGThis bundle includes 1 eBook, 2 practice tests (including Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking), and a personalized score from a CELPIP tutor within 7 days of purchase. All materials are prepared by CELPIP experts.

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